Fringe benefits

Fringe benefits

There are actually a few different variations of the humble fringe and it's good to think about exactly what shape and style you're after before you let your hairdresser loose on your hair, because it is usually a month or two before you can transition into a different style. 

Let's explain a few basic shapes for you:

1. The all in fringe - it uses a large deep triangle shape of hair to create a thick heavy fringe. This fringe is great for short hair, because of the amount of hair that it uses will thin out the sides of your hair. If you have thick hair you can manage this fringe at any length, because you have plenty of hair to go around. Avoid this fringe if your hair is thinner or longer and you don't plan on spending a good amount of time growing this guy out.

2. The Bridget Bardot - aka 'the crowd favorite'. This fringe is best for longer hair and those that love layering around the face. This is by far the most versatile fringe, you can part it in the middle and blowdry, keep some weight through the front or use the length on the sides to sweep it all the way across into a side fringe. Team this fringe with some fresh blended layers at the front for the ultimate thrown together pony with whispy windblown pieces around the front.

3. Curly Sue - Now if you have curly hair you may have feared a fringe in the past, but plenty of curly fringes are immerging at the moment. These guys need to be cut super long while your hair is wet and the chipped and chopped once your fringe is dry to avoid your fringe ending up too short. If you like to blow dry your hair straight from time to time then you are going to have to compromise and aim for a shorter curly but longer blowdried fringe. If you haven't chopped layers at the front for a while, prepare yourself for a week or two for your curls to fall into place, and tweak pieces if need be with a straightening iron to either curl or straighten pieces to get the look you want.

 4. The Frenchy - This classic is usually teamed with a short bob for the ultimate french girl style. The Frenchy is short and sharp, think your fringe trimmed to eyebrows and then chop another centimetre to an inch off. This cheeky little style works best on bobs of all lengths and can be worn straight, curly or wavy, just make sure your eyebrows are in check be the chop because there will be no hiding them with this style.

 5. The Blunt - This fringe requires the most maintenance, it is cut perfectly to your brow and either straight or curved at the ends. If you wear glasses you're going to want to go with straight across sides so you don't get wings resting on your glasses arms. This fringe needs regular trims (probably every 2 weeks) to keep it looking perfect and square - best suited to straight hair that is fine to medium thickness.