repair. wash


repair. wash

dry, brittle or coloured hair.


This colour safe shampoo gently cleanses your hair whilst enhancing strength and elasticity. Use regularly on highly damaged, coloured or brittle hair for a bit of extra TLC. Team up with Treatment and Argan Oil for extra hair repair power.

Wet hair then add Repair Wash and emulsify with fingertips to remove dirt and oil, rinse and repeat.

key. ingredients

organic olive oil

Olive oil helps deliver essential nutrients to your hair follicles whilst keeping your ends happy and healthy with a good dose of Omega-6, Omega-3, Vitamin E and Vitamin K - did someone say happy hair!

organic linseed oil

Cold pressed and ready to bring its A game to your hair routine. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for healthy happy hair from the follicle to the ends. p.s It also eliminates dandruff and flakiness on the scalp.

organic sunflower oil

This guy reduces the bacteria that contributes to product build-up and prevents dry scalp. The Omega 9 acid stops breakage and naturally prevents frizzy unruly hair for light shine and softness. It also penetrates the hair shaft locking in moisture.

organic rosemary oil

Rosemary improves micro-circulation on the scalp which helps healthy nutrients get delivered where it needs it the most. Its anti-inflammatory superpowers can help reduce scalp irritation and itchy sensitive scalps.

organic sea buckthorn oil

This organic wonder oil is super high in essential fatty acids and vitamin A and is great for scalp health and can help with dry and flaky scalps and prevent dandruff build up. Its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties promote healthy scalps and circulation which means more hair growth #yay

hydrolyzed quinoa protein

AKA vegetable caviar #yesplease this vegetable protein nourishes and protects your hair with its plant-based powers, jam-packed with vitamins and minerals and to promote hair growth and prevent breakage.